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What do your hair say about you?


What type of haircut will match your personality?

Personality: Straightforward, no-nonsense

You would describe yourself as a low-maintenance, efficient go-getter.

The right haircut: A shoulder-skimming look with lots of layers

Personality: Artistic, modern

Creative expression is vital to you; you’re an original and on the cutting edge.

The right haircut: A short, cropped cut

Personality: Spontaneous, adventurous

You thrive on the unexpected and get bored easily.

The right haircut: A long cut with invisible layers

Personality: Traditional, conservative

You prize your professionalism and reliability.

The right haircut: A long, blunt bob

Personality: Outgoing, life of the party

You’re full of energy and have a gregarious attitude that gets others’ attention.

The right haircut: A bouncy style with long layers





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