Sonam Kapoor's take on working with Shahrukh Khan will definitely stun you!

Sonam Kapoor might not be the most sought-after Bollywood star, but the style diva has slowly and gradually managed to make her mark in the Indian cinema.

Sonam Kapoor has already worked with Salman Khan, who is one of the acclaimed Khan, in two super-hit movies. But, she has still not starred with the ‘King of Khans’, Shahrukh Khan. During an interview with Pink Villa; Sonam was asked whether she wants to work with Shahrukh Khan, to which her reply will leave you astonished.

As reported by the Indian magazine, Sonam said;

“I don’t think Shah Rukh Khan wants to work with me. There have been so many opportunities where I could have worked with him. I wanted to work with him and I reached out to him as well. But I never got the opportunity. I guess it’ll happen whenever he feels like working with me.

“What happens in the film industry is that an actor decides whether an actress should do a film with him or not. When he wants to work with me, I guess I’ll work with him. But I don’t think he’s wanted to work with me till now,” Sonam further stated.

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