Sholay director to pen down memoir

Ramesh Sippy, the man behind cinematic classics like Sholay, Shakti and Seeta Aur Geeta has set out to pen his experiences in a book and is hoping it will hold the people’s interest.

“I am writing a book on my experiences, a book on all the films that I have done. It will be out hopefully by the end of this year.”

When asked how is it turning out to be, he said: “Predictions, predictions, predictions.”

The director/producer says he is trying his best to come out with a book which satiates people’s quest to get their hands on the film industry’s inside truth.

“I will try to do my best. I hope people find it interesting. I think I have the capacity to come out with something that people want to read about… With the kind of details people want to know. So, if I can write it in an interesting manner, I am sure people will like it too.” 

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