Shiv Sena threatens SRK-Mahira over release of ‘Raees’

The much awaited Shah Rukh Khan’s action film Raees, which stars Pakistani beauty Mahira Khan, is now facing yet another threat in its way to release. India’s religiously dominant political party – Shiv Sena, has allegedly issued threats against the screening of the film.

As Shah Rukh Khan has clearly waved a white flag to all politicizing parties, Shiv Sena let alone – has been the most recent to issue threats over the near release of the much awaited ‘Raees’. A top Indian distributor of B-town films, Akshaye Rathi, tweeted to publicize the threats stating, “distributors [will suffer] dire consequences” at the hands of the political party if Raees is shown in the cinemas.

Rathi says that the letters were received from Shiv Sena’s Chhattisgarh wing, where after he requested the fans of SRK to fight against the extremism and highlight the warning. However, there have been no visible or loud comments from the actor or even the political party yet.

Not long back, the King of Bollywood had been similarly threatened to life at the time when ‘My Name is Khan’ was releasing.

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