Hum TV has decided to give Pakistan it’s very own Top Gun. And, what’s more bigger than this good news is that it will star not one but two eye-candies of Pakistan: Hamza Ali Abbasi and Osman Khalid Butt. The announcement of the film was done in a press conference yesterday.

The film, titled as, Parwaaz Hay Junoon will be the film directorial debut of Mann Mayal famed Haseeb Hassan. The script of the movie will be written by Farhat Ishtiaq. The movie is expected to launch in 2017. The idea behind the movie is to pay tribute to the Pakistan Airforce, which is protecting us with all its vigor and strength.

The leading lady of the movie, for now, is behind the curtains. Momina Duraid, the force of Hum TV and the brainchild behind the movie, has said that the lead actress would be unveiled in the month to come. Moreover, audience has the right to give their opinion on whom they would love to see in pair with their favorite TV stars.

The makers want to make this movie realistic and close to the real-life. This is why the other cast of the movie will be taken from Pakistan Airforce. Hah! Thinking what our squadron leaders will look like acting? We will have to wait for that!

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