Omer Shahzad - Is the super model turned actor going to be the next music sensation?

Omer Shahzad – A man of style and class has us all in awe with his multiple talents and skills. Heck whatever he do comes out so naturally, we all are left wondering that he was meant to do this man, he was meant to do!

This multi-talented celebrity first stepped into the world of modelling and nailed the ramp and later turned the heat up a notch with his acting. And now it seems that he is going to slay with his vocals too.

Omer just posted this video of singing “One of his favourties”, “Tu Hi Rey” and we are still gushing over the talent he had been hiding since so long. We had no idea that he must be this skillful when it comes to singing.

Raise your hands if you can’t wait for Omer to make his full-fledged singing debut. I might raise both my hands with uber-excitement.

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