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Malaika Arora will give you major fitness goals


Celebrities are often known for their strict work-out routine and diet plans and while some cling to fad diets to get that chiseled body to die for, others follow strict fitness regimes to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Almost every celebrity in Bollywood has been endorsing a fit and healthy lifestyle. Keeping up with the theme, Here is Malaika Arora killing it with her moves in the gym;

Malaika Arora Khan has one of the fittest bodies in Bollywood. The model-turned-reality-show-judge is very particular about her diet and fitness routine. Other than working out in the gym for at least three times a week, Malaika starts her day with a detoxying drink of warm water with lime and honey every morning, without fail. When it comes to exercise, she likes to mix it up but makes it a point to keep 30 mins aside for her yoga session.

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