A mainstream star having an arranged marriage is unique- Shahid Kapoor

The cup of ‘Koffee’ that Shahid and Mira brewed on the show “Koffee with Karan” hasn’t gone down too well.

Talking about how Mira felt after reading what’s been written about them after the show, Shahid said:

“A mainstream star having an arranged marriage is unique. It is not everyday that a Hindi film hero goes and marries someone no one even knows of. I am an actor. Most parts of my life are up for discussion, by default. It won’t stop whether I like it or not. If people cross the line, we do get displeased. But the line itself is wide. We can’t be touchy and say, bhai mere baare mein koi baat nahin karega.”

However, Shahid chose to see the brighter side and thanked everyone who showered love and affection after the episode.

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