Huma Mobin who went viral after honeymooning alone finally managed to take a trip with her husband

Huma Mubin, who went viral on social media after she was forced to go on her honeymoon alone has finally got a chance to take a trip with her husband.

Last year, the couple were planning on honeymooning in Greece, however, Arsalan’s visa was denied. Since, the trip was all paid, Huma decided to go without her husband. She decided to make the most of her strange situation & took adorable pictures that showed her husband how much she was missing him which actually went viral on social media.

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But now, the couple has managed to go on their dream honeymoon around Europe together.

After hearing about their troubles, IHG Rewards Club, the loyalty programme of InterContinental Hotels Group gifted the couple one million points, so they could finally go aboard on their honeymoon together.

It was a 14-day trip, the couple visited Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. They spent Christmas in Barcelona and New Year´s Eve in Paris. According to the reports, the couple headed home on January 6 after their trip.

Huma said “It was pretty lonely on my first honeymoon, but I never expected my pictures to capture so much attention.”


Oh how I love when we laugh together! #onemillionpoints #thistimetogether #Paris #BubAndI

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#Barcelona #OnemillionPoints #ThisTimeTogether Thank you IHG

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Just pose sexy. Us: ta-dah! #Paris #thistimetogether #onemillionpoints #BubAndI

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“I want to say a huge thank you to IHG Rewards Club for enabling us to finally embark on such a romantic trip together. It´s much more fun travelling with my husband – although honeymooning solo really wasn´t that bad,” she added.

Further, Arsalaan said, “Back in July, it was really tough seeing my newlywed bride honeymooning without me, but this has certainly made up for it – we´ve just had the best time.”

So finally the couple got a chance to actually go together. These pictures show how much they both enjoyed together.

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