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Household things you did not know have an expiry date


Everything has an expiry date but most of the times we overuse things thinking they should not be disposed off too early. Here is a list of things we bet you didn’t know had an expiry date and have been living an overdraft life in your house!

Towel – 1 to 3 years

Though we tend to grow some fondness towards our towels, we need to part with them after 1 -3 years depending on the quality of the product. Wet towels are an easy ground for bacteria.

 Slippers – 6 months

Yes, slippers too have an expiry date. Because of its nature of usage, slippers are most prone to spreading fungal infection. These needs to be washed properly every day and needs to be changed every six months!

 Bath sponge – 2 weeks

Did you invest in an expensive sponge to use so that it does not wear off easily? Well, no point if you did so because the expiry date for bath sponge is no more than two weeks. They easily start to breed fungus and mold within this period of time.

Running shoes – 1 year

After completing few hundreds of miles, your running shoes start losing their cushioning and stress your joints. If your running shoes have completed an year supporting your fitness regime, it is time to part with them and get new ones on board

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