Aisha Khan

Its Aisha Khan’s birthday today, hence this is the most amazing day to share her list of favoutites with her fans!


FHM: Favourite Perfume?

Aisha Khan: Eli Saab and Christian Dior’s Poison

FHM: Favourite Colour?

Aisha Khan: Blue and White

FHM: Favourite Food?

Aisha Khan: Pasta

FHM: Best Holiday Spot?

Aisha Khan: Italy

FHM: Most Stylist Person?

Aisha Khan: Fawad Afzal Khan

FHM: Modeling or Acting?

Aisha Khan: Acting

FHM: First thing you notice when you meet someone?

Aisha Khan: Their Shoes

FHM: Favorite Movie?

Aisha Khan: Shawshank Redemption and DDLJ

Aisha Khan

FHM: Friends from the industry?

Aisha Khan: Hamza Abbasi, Gohar, Bilal Lashari, Humayun Saeed

FHM: Any Crush?

Aisha Khan: Hell No!

FHM: Coffee or Tea?

Aisha Khan: Coffee, baby!

FHM: Are you a good cook?

Aisha Khan: I am brilliant, cause I never cook.

FHM: On a scale of 1-10 how social are you?

Aisha Khan: 6

FHM: Your favourite actress and actor?

Aisha Khan: Sanam Saeed and Hamza Ali Abbasi

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