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Fashion Pakistan Week 2016

Fashion Pakistan Week 2016 day 2 had a good start, though the energy HSY set by closing day one with a bang was missing but overall it was a good show with some disasters of course. The idea of winter festive (that we witnessed), was more like bridal couture.

Day two was started with the Hum Style Award (Demi couture) winner, Shehla chatoor. Her beautiful sleek capsule collection left the audience in awe. Her show was opened by Rabia Butt and closed by Mehreen Syed.

1Gohar Rasheed and Ayesha Khan:

2Mehreen Syed:

3Sunita Marshal:

4Nadia Hussain:

5Sunita Marshal:

6Sumbul Iqbal Khan:

7Deepak Perwani with Aiza Khan:

8Huma Adnan:

9Shehla Chatoor Collection:

10Fauzia Aman:

11Shehla Chatoor Collection:

12Rabia Butt:

13Deepak Perwani with Aiza Khan:

14Deepak Perwani while showcasing his collection:

15Funkasia by Huma Adnan:

16Gohar Rasheed with Ayesha Khan:

17Sunita Marshal:

18Aiza Khan:

19Fauzia Aman:

20Mehreen Syed:

21Nabeel Xuberi:

22Fauzia Aman:

23Omer Shehzad:

24Shehzad Noor:

25Mehreen Syed:

26Mehreen Syed:

27Rizwan Ali Jafri and Sunita Marshall:

28Rabia Butt:

29Shehla Chatoor Collection:

30Gohar Rasheed and Ayesha Khan:

31Rabia Butt and Fauzia Aman:

32Mohib Mirza: