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I write out of a habit as it gives me knowledge, keeps me updated and connected to the local events and happenings around the world. I believe, it's the best way to express my thoughts and ideas to the world, and to aware people on what they're missing.

The Sultan star took to twitter to share a glimpse from his recent shoot with his lady-love 'Katrina Kaif'..

It's pretty quick but intense workout that hits your shoulders, biceps and triceps. Follow along to learn how to build muscle and shed fat in...

Award-winning Afia Nathaniel’s feature film Dukhtar screened at the United Nations..

According to a mother of 19 year old woman told the reporters that her daughter has been killed during....

A place like cinema, is a rare venue in Afghanistan's war-torn capital where women usually confined to the..

Filmmaker Angelina Jolie turns professor has delivered a lecture on Women, Peace and Security in a new role at London School of Economics (LSE). The...

According to Dermatologist Dr. Erin Gilbert, washing your face might not be something you..

All of us have been struggling with our hair-growth every now and then. Whether it's hair on your head, hair on..