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I believe that if one have good writing skills and a good journalism, they can make a world a better place!

During that time Adele got involved in a romantic relationship with a man 10 years older...

Almost everyone who has short hair, are tired of hearing or answering these things at every stop along the way.

Though an exact date isn't listed, it's set to open sometime this fall.

Reality star, makeup mogul, and Snapchat enthusiast Kylie Jenner is now the proud owner of her fourth residence, at the age of 19.

Your favorite brand "Sephora" will be featuring weekly deals...

Kareena believes a modern Indian woman plays diverse roles in her life and she considers herself to be one.

The celebrity stated on her fan page “Forensic Investigation” would be her career path...

Bella Hadid is one of the famous and successful models but...

NARS recently announced that it is no longer a cruelty free makeup brand.

Taking care of your brushes will extend the life of the applicator tool itself.